Career Opportunities


Job Description:

  1. Responsible for driving shipping crew to/from airport/container ports/shipyard/hotel etc.
  2. Maintain daily cleanliness of the vehicle.
  3. Routine checks and ensures vehicle functionality.
  4. Undertake special errand, ad hoc functions and related duties as assigned.
  5. Attractive fringe benefits.


  1. With PA vocational licence/ PDV licence.
  2. Familiar with Singapore roads.
  3. Valid driving license with good driving records.
  4. Minimum 2-3 yrs experience.
  5. Basic English (written and spoken).
  6. Punctual and patience.
  7. Polite and pleasant personality.
  8. Pro-active and takes initiative.

 How to apply:

Interested please send your resume to

Only Singapore and PR need to apply.

Person in charge: Benson Chee